Halle Berry Plays Mom Frantically Trying to Save Son in 'Kidnap' Trailer

"You took the wrong kid!"

Halle Berry plays a mom who experiences the horror of having her son abducted in a new, anxiety-inducing trailer for the Relativity thriller Kidnap.

The film was originally supposed to be released last year but was pushed back, first to earlier in 2016 and then to this fall, amid distributor Relativity's financial difficulties, which included filing for bankruptcy in July of last year. The Ryan Kavanaugh-led company emerged from bankruptcy in March. Kidnap is now set to hit theaters Dec. 2.

In the trailer, Berry's character is shown playing the game Marco Polo with her son when he stops answering. She frantically looks around for him before seeing him being taken into a car. She races after the car, even grabbing onto the roof as it pulls her along, but isn't able to rescue her son.

Still she doesn't give up, speeding after the kidnapper's car and ultimately taking matters into her own hands after she fears waiting to file a report with the police will result in her little boy being missing for years.

Berry's mom character is shown fighting to get her son back at the end of the trailer, defiantly proclaiming, "You took the wrong kid!"