Children Traumatized by Disney's 'Odd Life of Timothy Green' (Video)

Odd Life of Timothy Green traumatized children - H 2012

Odd Life of Timothy Green traumatized children - H 2012

A mother films her two sons sobbing uncontrollably after seeing the film co-starring Jennifer Garner and CJ Adams.

Based on these boys' reaction, parents might want to take their children to counseling after Disney's The Odd Life of Timothy Green -- or at least give them some Kleenex.

Touted as a feel-good family film about a husband and wife portrayed by Joel Edgerton and Jennifer Garner who dream up a son (CJ Adams), Odd Life has a darker tone than perhaps advertised which could send kids into a spiral of sadness afterward. In this way, the movie echoes such past G-rated Disney fare as Bambi and The Lion King with an undercurrent of life-and-death drama beneath the shiny, happy surface.

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In a YouTube clip making the rounds (via Badass Digest) -- SPOILER ALERT -- two brothers sob uncontrollably in the car after a family outing to see Odd Life, and the hysteria appears to be no internet hoax or viral marketing ploy. Their mother films the footage, gently baiting her sons with questions such as: "You guys wanna go see the movie again?"

Their response: "Noooooo!!! It's too sad! It's too sad!"

Watch the video below.

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