Kids Entertainment Sites Imbee and Fanlala to Merge

The combined entity will attract 220,000 unique visitors monthly to profanity-free music and other content for tweens.

Imbee, a sort of Facebook for kids that recently launched a profanity-free streaming music service, has purchased Fanlala, an online destination for tweens that has partnerships with the Disney Channel and Nickelodeon.

Imbee was created in 2007 but was dormant for a few years after its founder died.  It was purchased out of probate last year by a group of investors including Alan Anderson, a technology executive who became CEO. The private company wouldn’t divulge what it paid for Fanlala, which that company's co-founder Tim Golden described as “Total Access for tweens.”

Imbee will remain headquartered in Walnut Creek, Calif. Fanlala will relocate from Burbank to a joint office with Imbee in Santa Monica, and Golden will become an Imbee senior vp.  The combined company will employ 17 full-timers and the two sites attract 220,000 unique visitors monthly.

Fanlala features behind-the-scenes videos, photos and news about TV shows like Zeke and Luther and Pair of Kings from Disney and iCarly from Nickelodeon, as well as general celebrity news, quizzes and other content focused on the likes of Justin Bieber and the Jonas Brothers.

One of Imbee’s newer initiatives is Imbee Radio, a subscription music service launched last month targeting children 8-14.

“It’s Pandora for kids, without all the profanity,” said Anderson.