Kiernan Shipka is Stylish - With No Stylist

Kiernan Shipka

Kiernan Shipka provides the voice of Jinora on the hugely-popular animated TV series The Legend of Korra.

The 12-year-old "Mad Men" dresses great and age appropriate without help from a professional.

Kiernan Shipka has admitted in interviews how much the 12-year-old actress loves fashion.

Her Mad Men character, Sally Draper, wore go-go boots this year - though dad Don told her to take them off. But off screen, the actress is wearing Oscar de la Renta and Miu Miu!

We just assumed that some sophisticated Hollywood stylist alum was pulling clothes for her from designer boutiques and luxury label press offices. There are clothes-loving actresses who don't use stylists - January Jones, who plays Sally's mom Betty is one of them - Diane Kruger is another.

But they're not 12, and they are wise in the ways of designer relationships.

It's hard to believe Kiernan has those at this point - but the labels may in fact be contacting her, sending her clothes to wear. We love this fresh and age appropriate white dress with black dots and a blue edge, which makes it very pre-fall 2012 Oscar. 

To an Elle Magazine party recently, Kiernan wore a cute white top and a peach pouf skirt - lovely, young, fun. It definitely is not every 12 year who knows how to wear designer clothes - and still look 12. Elle Fanning and Hailee Steinfeld often dress like they're 25 - and definitely do have stylists!