'Kigali' wins Kuala Lumpur fest's best film


SINGAPORE -- "Sunday in Kigali," a Canadian film by director Robert Favreau, won the award for best film in the inaugural Kuala Lumpur International Film Festival Perdana Awards on Sunday.

The love story set against the horror of the Rwanda genocide in 1994 also won the best actress award for Fatou N'Diaye.

The best director award went to Charles Burnett for his film "The Struggle for Liberation," (Namibia) which centers on the rise to power of Namibia's first president, the country's struggle for independence from South Africa, and that country's first president. The film also won the best African film award as well as best music score.

The award for best South American film went to "Cyrano Fernandez," (Venezuela) while the award for best European film went to "Tehilim" (France). The Association of South East Asian Nations film award went to "One summer with you" (China) about the bittersweet love story of a girl's struggle to go to a university and the undelivered acceptance letter kept from her by a young, smitten postman.