'Kill Your Darlings' Trailer: Daniel Radcliffe Is a Young Allen Ginsberg (Video)

Dane DeHaan, Ben Foster, Michael C. Hall and Elizabeth Olsen also star in John Krokidas' indie.

Love and death are on tap in the trailer for Kill Your Darlings, based on the true story of a young Allen Ginsberg and the 1944 murder of David Kammerer.

Daniel Radcliffe stars as Ginsberg in the film, while Ben Foster co-stars as William Burroughs and Jack Huston as Jack Kerouac. Michael C. Hall's story is told from the grave as Kammerer, while Dane DeHaan plays his killer, Lucien Carr.

Billed as a tale of obsession and murder, John Krokidas' indie follows Ginsberg through his early college years as he becomes romantically involved with Carr and circumstances spiral out of control.

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The film debuted at the Sundance Film Festival earlier this year, where the cast and crew spoke with The Hollywood Reporter about the project. To hear them tell it, the film is a bit more lighthearted than its trailer lets on.

"There's a tendency to really hold these guys up on pedestals as they became giants of American literature, and there's a tendency to be, I think reverential toward them," Radcliffe said during an interview in THR's video lounge. "That's not what we were interested in doing. We were interested in showing them just running around having a great time in New York when they all first met."

Added DeHaan: "It's amazing how current and fun and sexy the movie feels when you're watching it, because they were very much like youth today -- just kind of inventing what youth culture has been."

Sony Pictures Classics nabbed the rights to Kill Your Darlings and will give the film a theatrical release Oct. 18.

Watch the trailer below.

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