Killer app for 'Dexter' victims


Showtime Networks is turning to an innovative Internet application for fans to extend their "Dexter" experience in time for Sunday's season finale.

Showtime is partnering with Meebo, which fuses video programming and chat rooms. A video of "Dexter" executive producers and talent discussing the series will be available on-demand immediately following the finale, which airs at 9 p.m. on the CBS Corp.-owned premium cable channel.

Michael C. Hall, who stars as a vigilante serial killer on the series, will appear in the eight-minute clip along with fellow actors Eric King and C.S. Lee and executive producers Sara Colleton, John Goldwyn and Clyde Phillips.

The room, similar to one Meebo created for CBS' "Jericho," has been up for a couple of weeks on Showtime's Web site at The room is set up like a traditional chat room with an area for users to chat and a small video player that for now, plays clips of the series and, come Sunday, will stream the new video.

Meebo is an in-browser application that allows users to sign on using AIM, Google Talk, MSN Messenger and other chat services.

Meebo vp business Martin Green said this project is the "perfect" case of how to use the Web to complement a TV program.

"People like to talk about the shows they care about with other people," Green said. "It can be very powerful for a brand like Showtime, which has these followings, to provide a place for that discussion, particularly when they have extra content."