'Killing Our Children': Sign-Wielding Protester Interrupts NRA News Conference (Video)

Wayne LaPierre Code Pink Protester - H 2012
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The protester held the message aloft for 30 seconds before launching into a speech against the pro-gun lobbying organization.

NRA executive vice president Wayne LaPierre's controversial remarks about gun violence at a Friday morning press conference held in the nation's capital were upstaged by a man holding up a red fabric sign, on which it was painted in white letters, "NRA killing our kids."

All cameras in the room quickly turned to capture the protester, who stood before LaPierre for a full thirty seconds before a security guard snatched the sign away and carried him towards the exit

"NRA stop killing our children," he shouted as he was escorted away. "It's the NRA and assault weapons that are killing our children. Not armed teachers. We've got to end the violence. We've got to stop the killing -- stop the killing in our schools, stop the killing in our malls, stop the killing in our streets. The NRA are killing our children. We've got to stop the violence and violence begins with the NRA. I'm stating the true facts -- that they are the perpetrators of the crimes that take place in our schools and in our streets!"

The protester -- one of two to interrupt the event -- was from Code Pink, a women-initiated, anti-violence movement working toward ending U.S.-funded wars and occupations.