Sandra Oh to Narrate Jane Goodall Documentary

Dr Jane Goodall - Getty - H 2018
Robert Gray/Getty Images

The 'Killing Eve' star will voice 'She Walks With Apes,' filmed in the jungles of Africa and Borneo.

Killing Eve star Sandra Oh is set to narrate She Walks With Apes, a Canadian documentary about Jane Goodall and three female scientists inspired by the famous British primatologist's trailblazing field work in remote Africa.

The CBC film, directed by Mark Starowicz and Caitlin Starowicz, also includes rare footage of Dian Fossey, the U.S. scientist who was murdered in 1985 while working with mountain gorillas in Rwanda. Fossey's life was famously turned into the 1988 film Gorillas in the Mist, starring Sigourney Weaver as Fossey.

Goodall has been the subject of many film and documentaries,  among the world's most recognized scientists, has been the subject of many films, most recently the 2017 Emmy-winning National Geographic documentary Jane, from director Brett Morgen, which recounts how Goodall began her lifelong study of chimpanzees.

Three pioneering primatologists — Goodall, Fossey and Birut? Galdikas —are often referred to collectively as The Trimates. All three were chosen by  anthropologist Louis Leakey to study apes in their natural environments: Goodall with chimpanzees, Fossey with gorillas and Galdikas with orangutans. 

She Walks With Apes also looks at the next generation of female primatologists, though the work of Julia Badescu, Ruth Linsky and Nadia Niyonizeye.

"The lives of the three female scientists who made up the Trimates are filled with courage and determination and love for life. They have inspired future generations and their work continues to underline the urgency of saving the Great Apes and their forest environment," said Canada-born Oh, announcing her participation in She Walks With Apes.

The two-hour documentary is being produced both for theatrical distribution and also for broadcast play.