Kim Dotcom Releases Song About Political Donation Scandal (Video)

Kim Dotcom Released on Bail - H 2012
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Kim Dotcom Released on Bail - H 2012

The song "Amnesia" centers on the large donation the embattled Megaupload founder made to New Zealand politician John Banks.

Kim Dotcom has released a politically charged hip-hop song that draws attention to a growing scandal in New Zealand that centers on politician John Banks accepting a donation from the embattled Megaupload founder and allegedly attempting to hide it.

Banks, leader of the political party ACT New Zealand and a member of Parliament, is alleged to have hidden a donation of NZ$50,000 ($41,000) from Dotcom. According to media reports that have cited an interview with Dotcom, the businessman gave Banks the money to help fund his unsuccessful 2010 bid to become mayor of Auckland.

Banks incorrectly reported the donations as anonymous, the country's TV3 television network has reported. And New Zealand Prime Minister John Key has said that the matter must be investigated by police. Dotcom, who has been accused by the U.S. government of facilitating and participating in large-scale copyright infringement through his Megaupload cyberlocker service, is expected to be questioned by authorities over the donation. 

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Dotcom uploaded "Amnesia" to YouTube on May 6, and the clip had been viewed more 67,000 times as of Monday afternoon. In the song, which Dotcom co-produced, a sound bite of Banks saying "I don't know who gave me money/I can't remember now" is repeated several times. The chorus, sung by an unidentified woman, includes the lyric: "That politician got amnesia again." 

Unlike other songs released by Dotcom, who is pursuing a music career, "Amnesia" does not feature singing by the Megaupload founder. But Dotcom collaborator Printz Board, who has worked with the businessman on several songs and has done production work for the Black Eyed Peas, raps: "He's the majority, so he's all right/He is John Banks, he got the vote/And that's why Key keeps him afloat/... on his cabbage boat?"

(According to the U.K.'s Guardian, the "cabbage boat" lyric is a reference to interviews given by Banks on the subject of the donation in which he says that he "did not come up the river in a cabbage boat." It is an expression that has bewildered New Zealand journalists; it appears to be akin to the idiom, "I wasn't born yesterday.")

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The song was cut during a recording session for Dotcom's new album, which Printz Board is producing, according to The New Zealand Herald. As part of the terms of Dotcom's electronically monitored bail, he is allowed to visit a recording studio in Auckland twice a week to work on the album.

The tune is the second online music release by Dotcom in recent weeks. On April 21, he put out an 11-minute car racing/music video on YouTube. In it, Dotcom and professional race-car driver Kimi Raikkonen are shown circling Germany's famed Nurburgring track in CLK DTMs. The clip is set to a Euro pop song that features Dotcom rapping the lyrics, "Here we go now, going crazy, going faster, motherf---er."

In December, about six weeks before New Zealand police raided his mansion, Dotcom released "Mega Song," the celebrity-laden music video that touts his now-defunct Megaupload service. 

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The service was shut down in January when authorities in New Zealand raided Dotcom's $24 million compound there. The businessman, who is known for his past as an eccentric hacker and the YouTube videos that document his lifestyle of $400,000 supercars and supermodel hot-tub parties, could be extradited to the United States after an Aug. 20 court hearing in Auckland.

The U.S. government alleges that Dotcom and Megaupload have caused more than $500 million in losses to copyright holders -- including all six major Hollywood studios and the big record labels.

Listen to "Amnesia" below:


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