Kim Honored for Support of TIFF

Former Head of Pusan Festival Feted

Kim Dong-ho, the recently retired head of Pusan International Film Festival was given a friendship award by TIFF on Monday night for his contributions to the film industry in Asia and support of the Tokyo festival. 

Following the screening of Camellia, a special invitation film in the Winds of Asia-Middle East section, the award was given by TIFF and TIFFCOM chairman Tom Yoda to honor Kim’s 15-year tenure as head of PIFF 

“Even before I assumed the post of chairman at TIFF, Mr. Kim Dong-ho, festival director of PIFF, had supported TIFF,” Yoda said. “He has watched over our film festival with deep friendship. I feel that we are extremely fortunate to have a great friend like him.” 

“TIFF commenced 10 years earlier than our PIFF, and it is one of the prestigious film festivals in the world,” Kim said. “When PIFF commenced, Japanese films were not imported freely into Korea. However, we have always screened 15 to 20 Japanese films at PIFF.

“Especially after Mr. Yoda became the chairman, the two film festivals have been nurturing collaborative relationships. I feel very fortunate that we are no longer competing with each other as we had in the past," Kim said.

Camellia, a three-segment omnibus about romance in Busan, was screened as the closing film at the 15th PIFF on Oct. 15. The omnibus by three directors from Korea, Thailand and Japan, is a part of the Pusan Promotion Project, lead by Kim.