Everything Kim Kardashian Has Been Up To Instead of Attending Paris Fashion Week

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We know you're curious.

Kim Kardashian and Paris Fashion Week go together like Kanye West and Kanye West's ego; like Kris Jenner and Kardashian-branded endorsement deals; like Kylie Jenner and spandex; like — well, you get the idea.

But this past fashion month, there has been a gaping, Kim Kardashian-shaped hole in the front rows of all of the reality star's favorite fashion houses — from Balmain to Balenciaga as well as all the PFW parties in between. In fact, following the violent robbery last October in Paris (which immediately followed the Balenciaga show), Kardashian has only attended one presentation: Hubby Kanye West's Yeezy show in New York. 

Though, just because she isn't taking in all of the fashions, that doesn't mean that Kardashian isn't having a grand ol' time. After a brief hiatus from social media, the Kween of Instagram is back to her usual antics and keeping her fans highly informed of her whereabouts — from vacations to quality time with kids Nori and Saint.

Here, a quick, at-a-glance rundown of all the things Kim Kardashian has been up while sitting out Paris Fashion Week this season. 

1. Giving "Goth" Nori a makeover. 
They grow up so fast!


Goth Nori

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2. Playing tennis in heels. 
Because tennis shoes are only to be worn as a sartorial statement (like, say, when they match your fur coat-and-sweatpants private jet uniform), not for actual sport. 


Tennis Time

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3. Trying the tear-away-track-pants-with-bustier-and-fishnets look on for size. 
Drink in hand, of course.



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4. Road tripping to Palm Springs with the fam. 
Obligatory tourist trap photos and all. 


Palm Springs

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5. Ignoring the "Thursday" part of "Throwback Thursday" and posting vintage family pics galore. 
Back before Kim and Kourtney were famous, they were still fabulous.


I'm into throwbacks these days. I'm 19 & cowgirl Kourt is 20

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