Beyonce Toppled From Instagram Throne

Sipa USA/StarMax/AP Images
Beyonce and her successor, Kim Kardashian

There's a new queen in Insta town. Sorry, Bey.

As of this weekend, it appears Queen Bey, aka Beyonce, no longer rules over the kingdom known as Instagram. She’s passed on her most-followed-person throne to — who else? — Kim Kardashian.


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So if Instagram is the most official tool for measuring a person’s popularity (and let’s be honest, in Hollywood, it's certainly the case), then it would appear that Kanye West’s better half is indeed winning at that game.

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Full disclosure: Instagram itself has the most followers technically, but when it comes to actual human beings, Kardashian now has 44.1 million, which beats Beyonce’s 44 million. (Coming in third place with the bronze medal is Taylor Swift, with 43.7 million.)

And it appears Kardashian has gained millions in just a few weeks to achieve this — just two weeks ago, she posted a cleavage shot to commemorate hitting the 42 million mark. What do you think her follower-growth secret is? And can Beyonce win back her title?