Kim Kardashian Covered in Body Glitter for New KKW Beauty Collection

Kim Kardashian - Harper's BAZAAR Celebration of 'ICONS -Getty-H 2017

That's one way to stand out during the holidays.

More than a week after launching (and selling out) her debut KKW Fragrance line, Kim Kardashian has announced her next product launch — and she did so in sparkling fashion.

The reality star posted a photo Tuesday via Instagram and Twitter in which she is covered in gold glitter from the neck down as part of her latest announcement that her KKW Beauty brand is launching Ultralight Beams highlighters and glosses, available Dec. 1 at Perhaps the name is a nod to husband Kanye West's 2016 single "Ultralight Beam" from The Life of Pablo album?

"I felt like I wanted something glitzy for the holidays and if I was going to venture off into something, I thought a glitzy lip and eye would be exactly what I would want," Kardashian told Bustle of her latest collection. The site notes that both makeup products come in five shades, including iridescent, yellow gold, rose gold, bronze and copper. The gloss and highlighter will be sold as a duo in the same color for $32, while the entire Ultralight Beams collection will be available for $160.

Since the launch of the beauty and fragrance collections, the items have sold out in a matter of hours or a few days — Kardashian's perfume line reportedly made $10 million in just one day. Don't be surprised if something similar happens with the Ultralight Beams line.