Criticisms About Kim Kardashian Wedding Surface

Mark Thompson/Getty Images

"I guess we'll see if Kim Kardashian's marriage lasts longer than the HP touch pad," one Twitter user wrote.

Chatter on Saturday about Kim Kardashian's wedding to New Jersey Nets basketball player Kris Humphries had some comparing the Santa Barbara nuptials to that of the Royal Wedding between Kate Middleton and Prince William earlier this year. The latter was broadcast live worldwide, while Kardashian's wedding will be shown in October on E!.

"As payback for the Royal Wedding, we should interrupt British TV and force them to watch Kim Kardashian's," comedian Andy Borowitz wrote. "People who said prince william & kate middleton's wedding wasn't important are the same people who's talking about kim kardashian's wedding," wrote another.

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Modern Family writer Danny Zuker relayed something that was said on Good Morning America. "GMA called Kim Kardashian's wedding "America's Royal Wedding" in case you were looking for something to write in America's obit," he wrote.

A Twitter user compared to the recently discontinud HP Touchpad to Kardashian's wedding: "I guess we'll see if Kim Kardashian's marriage lasts longer than the HP touch pad."

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E! host and Community star Joel McHale recently appeared on Ryan Seacrest's radio show to tout his new film Spy Kids: All the Time in the World in 4D, and joked about losing an invite to Saturday's Kardashian wedding. “You’re not going to believe this. My invite must have been lost in the mail," he deadpanned. "I thought for a moment that they would have me [at the wedding] but then I did review some of The Soup jokes that we made about them and that took like two days to get through and I realized, ‘Hm. Maybe they’re not going to invite me after all.' "

But McHale joked that had he been given an invite, he'd wear something "really flowing" with "lace."

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Author-television writer Caprice Crane wrote on Saturday, "Kim Kardashian is getting married today. Instead of throwing rice, wedding guests are expected to pee on her." Actress Jenna Elfman wrote three days before Kardashian is set to say, "I do," "Per Kim Kardashian's tweets, it seems that everyday is a spa day for her."

Chelsea Lately writer Jeff Wild joked, "Big wedding day for Kim Kardashian! The best man speech tonight will be given by Khloe." A Gifted Man co-star Julie Benz was shocked to learn that the wedding is worth upwards of $30 million. "Insane! I hope they didn't spend that much…," she wrote.

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Comedian Hal Sparks wrote, "#worstfeeling is listening to people who actually care about Kim Kardashian's wedding... talk about a Fright Night.. #Dontever mention it."

A user named Casey Hawaii asked, "Am I the only one that thinks its odd that @KimKardashian will be married to a man with the same name as her mom?" Kardashian's mother's name is also Kris.

But not all reaction was negative. Russell Simmons wished Kardashian luck on her big day one night before her wedding to Humphries, "kim and kris are a beautiful, beautiful couple. wishing them more happiness tmw."