5 Family Revelations from Kris Jenner’s New Memoir

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From Kim’s recent marriage to Kris Humphries (who she says made Kim “so happy”) and her first husband (Damon Thomas) to Kourtney’s bomb scare and Khloe’s hair loss, Jenner reveals Kardashian family secrets in her new book.

The day following Kim Kardashian's Oct. 31 split from husband of 72 days Kris Humphries, her mother and manager Kris Jenner debuted her first book, Kris Jenner...And All Things Kardashian. While the memoir largely focuses on her early life, her close friendship with Nicole Brown Simpson and the subsequent O.J. Simpson trial, Jenner, 55, makes room for a few Kardashian family bombshells.

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1) Only briefing touching on daughter Kim’s relationship and marriage to now-estranged husband, NBA star Humphries, Jenner calls Kim a “hopeless romantic.” Jenner says: “As I write this…something new has happened…Kim fell in love.” She continues, “I had never seen Kim so happy and I could tell Kris was different.” (The book seemingly went to print before the August 20 wedding extravaganza.)

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2) The seemingly ever-present mother was remarkably unaware of Kim’s relationship with her first husband, record producer Damon Thomas (whom she never mentions by name). Jenner says that 19-year-old Kim moved out of her father’s home and into an undisclosed location -- odd for a mother who is now keenly aware of her children’s every movement. Jenner even took her daughter shopping for home essentials for the mystery apartment, discovering later that Kim had rented a place in Northridge and was driving a brand new Jaguar that Thomas presumably bought for her. Jenner only discovered Kim had actually married Thomas three months after the fact when Kourtney decided to do an Internet search for her sister and uncovered the marriage certificate.

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3) Jenner calls Kim’s first boyfriend T.J. Jackson (pop icon Michael Jackson’s nephew) her “first true love.” But it was Jenner who was “inconsolable” when the teenagers amicably split and retreated to her bathroom to “bawl.”

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4) During a trip to the Atlanta for the 1996 Olympic games, the eldest Kardashian sister Kourtney Kardashian had a flight grounded at LAX after screaming on the flight that there was a bomb on the plane. Both Kourtney and Kim were detained by airline personnel and were not permitted to fly until the following day.

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5) After her father’s passing, Khloe Kardashian was so grief stricken that her hair began falling out in “big clumps.” Eventually, she lost it all and began wearing hats.