Kim Kardashian Paints Picture of Happy Marriage in Marie Claire Interview (Video)

Marie Claire Magazine Kim Kardashian - P 2011
Courtesy of Marie Claire

Marie Claire Magazine Kim Kardashian - P 2011

The E! reality star describes her marital bliss to the magazine just weeks before her divorce filing.

Marie Claire had the misfortune (or possibly good luck, depending on how you look at it) of interviewing Kim Kardashian just weeks before she filed for divorce in late-October from her husband of 72 days, Kris Humphries. It’s a startling glimpse of a woman who must know that her marriage is falling apart, but is capable of staying on message for the interview.

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"I feel like where we're at right now is the best time in my life," she tells the magazine as rumors that there was marital discord swirled around her in the media at the time.

 "We felt like, 'Why wait?' " she says of the short courtship and walk down the aisle that has received much scrutiny ever since. "It's fun to have a partner who understands your life and lets you be you."

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She has nothing but good things to say about her now-estranged husband. He’s “a good guy,” “down to earth,” and “gets it” when she wants to just take a break from the glamour of her life.

There are no signs of the impending separation and divorce filing in the quotes Marie Claire chooses to share with readers. But in light of the events that have transpired since Kardashian did this interview, there’s something very revealing, troublesome, and at the same time respectable about the way she handles herself.

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"We made a pact as a family and said we would be truly authentic because people don't buy bullshit," Kardashian also says. "We'll just be who we are, and — love it or hate it — we have each other. Everything that goes on is stuff we do. I think that's what makes it so relatable, because we are not afraid to show crazy things."

The rest of Marie Claire's interview with the reality star appears in the December 2011 issue available at newsstands on November 22.

Watch a behind the scenes video from Kardashian's cover shoot below in which she shares a number of additional personal thoughts, including her take on lying.