Kim Kardashian to Drop New Single 'In About Three Weeks'

Michael Caulfield/Getty Images for PCA

"You're not gonna get Beyoncé here, you're not gonna get Celine Dion," she says.

In three weeks, Kim Kardashian says she will drop her anticipated single, "Turn It Up."

She debuted the dance track at a Las Vegas nightclub earlier this year.
"I'm so excited," she told MTV's Sway Calloway and special correspondent Snooki at the Grammys Sunday. "I'm so excited."
The reality star worked with The-Dream on the track and received feedback from Kanye West and Ciara.
She also shot a hot video with Hype Williams
Hitting the studio was nerve-wracking, Kardashian said.
"It was something that I was really uncomfortable and nervous about, and [The-Dream] really just wanted me to step outside of my box and try something I've never done before," she said. "So I was really honest. I'm like, 'You're not gonna get Beyonce here, you're not gonna get Celine Dion,' and he really pulled something out of me ... I was just so nervous."
She has no plans for a music career, however.
"I'm proud of myself that I tried something," she said. "It's all in fun."