Kim Kardashian Threatens to Delete Perez Hilton Character From Game

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Someone's not happy about the whole #NoKardashiansForAWeek movement.

Following a Fox News anchor's angry rant about the incessant Kardashian coverage peppering the local news hour, Perez Hilton has taken it upon himself to do the unthinkable and forgo reporting about the Kardashians for five days beginning Aug. 17. Yes, five whole days. 

In what he's calling the Kardashain Kleanse, Hilton's #NoKardashiansForAWeek pledge has gained international attention, as global outlets wonder what pop culture media will be without their bread-and-butter headline fodder. But while many have applauded his courageous move, Kim Kardashian herself is not so happy. The social queen has unfollowed Hilton on Twitter (gasp) and has now threatened to remove his character from her beloved Hollywood game.  

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Hilton posted a screen grab from the account on Instagram, where he basically brushed off his character's possible (virtual) demise with a caption reading, "Now THIS is smart! I'm in the #KimKardashianGame and my #NoKardashiansForAWeek detox has rubbed a few people the wrong way - but not the vast majority of the world. It's just a 5 days kleanse! But, I may now be banned permanently from the game! And I am living for this!!!!" 


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The pop culture king, who also stars as Danny Tanner in the upcoming Full House musical, later posted the full extent of the kleanse on Instagram with a list of people that won't be featured on his site. Hilton made sure all bases were covered, even adding O.J. Simpson to the list. Better safe than sorry.


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