Kim Kardashian on Her Maternity Style: It's Beautiful to Show Your Belly

Kim Kardashian Du Jour Event - P 2013
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Kim Kardashian Du Jour Event - P 2013

The expectant, always-on-the-go reality star discusses why she prefers her bump-hugging outfits to be on the tighter side.

When Kim Kardashian walks into the room, all eyes turn to the pregnant reality star: at a lunch in honor of the April issue of DuJour magazine, for which she's on the cover, she happily mingled with guests and posed for the cameras while wearing high heels and a bump-hugging Lanvin dress.

The event, held Tuesday at New York City restaurant The Darby, drew a slew of corporate types (and their starstruck tweens), as well as Letterman bandleader Paul Shaffer (sporting too-cool-for-school shades).

That morning, Kardashian -- who's making the media rounds this week on behalf of her supporting role in Tyler Perry's Temptation -- landed on the front of another high-profile, but far more abrasive, publication: The brash and noisy New York Post, which featured an image of the 32-year-old sporting a nude-hued, full-skirted ensemble alongside the headline: "WHAT THE FROCK?"

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But the glowy Kardashian, who's expecting her first child with beau Kanye West in July, seemed unfazed by the negative press, telling The Hollywood Reporter: "I feel good and I feel like I'm in a really good place. I'm happy."

"For maternity style, it's so subjective. It's just whatever makes you feel comfortable, whatever you really like," she explained. "I still want to have my style ... so I love the high-waisted skirts because they go right above the belly but they fit and still kind of show your shape. I think it's really beautiful to show the shape of your belly when you're pregnant. So I opt for things like that that are a little bit tighter instead of looser.

Because I think once it's looser, it can tend to look a little frumpy or just add on extra weight that doesn't have to be there -- unless it's done right. So I've been having fun experimenting with a bunch of stuff and getting things made -- all my skirts have like this panel in the back. It's been fun to figure it out."

Kardashian, seemingly always on the go and in a different designer outfit (sometimes undergoing multiple wardrobe changes in one day), said she experienced no morning sickness in the early stages of her pregnancy.

"I think I'm past that point so I don't think that'll happen -- but I have all my energy!" she mused, adding: "I do sleep a lot but I haven't been tired yet. I just feel like it's normal."

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