Kim Kardashian Hits a Second Payday With Honeymoon Photos

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

After being paid $1.5 million for her wedding shots, the reality star made more money by selling the photos of her Italian vacation to Us Weekly.

Kim Kardashian may not be known for having any discernable talents, but when it comes to playing the lucrative game of celebrity, she's looking like a maestro... and laughing all the way to the bank.

The latest evidence is her impromptu post-wedding trip to Italy with new husband, Kris Humphries. Kardashian isn't calling it a honeymoon; she says that will come later. But, whatever she’s dubbed it, the reality star and Humphries managed to score an Us Weekly-subsidized post-nuptial getaway.

Sources tell The Hollywood Reporter, the magazine paid anywhere from $30,000 to $100,000 for the exclusive rights to photos from the trip. And, its September 13 cover proclaims “Exclusive: Kim’s Honeymoon Album” in bright, bold yellow lettering.

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So, why would she play coy with the wording? Perhaps it's because exclusive rights to honeymoon photos are traditionally bundled into a wedding photo rights deal, and Kardashian already made a whopping $1.5 million from People Magazine on that score.

Kardashian also recently had to navigate through tricky waters when a party, hosted by (read: free for her) Niche Media founder Jason Binn and A-list wedding and party planner Colin Cowie was dubbed a second wedding. The reality star quickly took to her Twitter to quash that issue (since it would violate the exclusive terms of her People deal), instead calling it a "Welcome to New York City” party (Humphries plays for the New York Knicks).

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The Us honeymoon payday is just the latest instance of Kim and the Kardashian entertainment machine making a tidy profit on an event -- her
wedding -- that puts most people several thousand in the hole.

In May, People paid Kardashian and Humphries $300,000 for the engagement announcement. OK! Magazine then paid an additional $100,000 for bridal shower coverage. And Las Vegas' Tao nightclub paid her $50,000 to host her bachelorette party there.

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Additionally, she sold international rights to the wedding photos to Hello Magazine for an undisclosed sum.

That's all on top of the hundreds of thousands of dollars of freebies she received for the wedding, from custom invitations to the estimated $20,000 wedding dress given to Kardashian by Vera Wang.

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And then there's the $65 million TV contract with E!, which extensively covered the ceremony and reception and provided massive exposure to any designer or label who cared to donate their goods and services to the cause.

After her savvy wedding maneuvering, one can only begin to start tallying the potential paydays whenever a Kim K baby is the way: There’s the
announcement, ultrasound, baby showers, first pics... and knowing the Kardashian-media motto, the list is sure to go on.