Kim Kardashian Hung Out With a Not-Famous Person For Her Birthday

AP Images
Kim Kardashian

Spoiler: She's a little bit famous now.

When Kim Kardashian was contacted by a self-described "KKW Stan" (that's a Kim Kardashian West super fan, for those unfamiliar with the acronym) asking to meet her for her 21st birthday, the 34-year-old went above and beyond her super-celebrity duties by offering to not only meet her, but fly to her hometown of New Orleans for a birthday lunch. 

The KKW Stan, who goes by the Twitter handle @MyleezaKardashian and counts Kardashian among her followers, documented the experience (requisite selfies included) on Twitter and Instagram for the rest of Kardashian's fans to drool over.

Myleeza was even gifted the most Kardashian-esque presents by the starlet including: 1. Kim's presence (and by default, the presence of her unborn child); 2. A pair of Kanye's Yeezy boosts; 3. A quaint New Orleans lunch; 4. And perhaps the greatest present of all, North West's "Happy Birthday" serenade via Face Time. 

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The outing was, of course, filmed for Keeping Up With the Kardashians, but Myleeza claims that the meeting was more than just a publicity stunt. "Kim really is my friend now," she tweeted. "Today confirmed it definitely. She gave me SO much tea on everything imaginable. Like real friends do!"