Front Row Report, Givenchy: Kim, Kanye and Katy Perry Attend the Show

Givenchy Front Row Kanye Kim Katy - H 2015
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Givenchy Front Row Kanye Kim Katy - H 2015

Even with all the celebs in the front row, Riccardo Tisci's fall 2015 collection in Paris outclassed his celeb quotient.

It was a star-studded crowd at Givenchy's Paris Fashion Week show: Platinum blonde Kim Kardashian (we're bored with the color already) was there, cleavage on full display, with husband Kanye West in tow; Jessica Chastain was front and center in a masculine, super-chic, black tailored Givenchy suit; and Katy Perry, who wore a black Givenchy ensemble and never looked so non-cartoon-like, was accompanied by stylist Johnny Wujek. Hollywood stylists Ryan Hastings, who works with Rooney Mara and Rosamund Pike (both wore Givenchy at the Oscars), and Brad Goreski were on hand. It was Paris' biggest celebrity turnout (so far), but it didn't even begin to compare to the amazing collection, plus hair and makeup styling, that Riccardo Tisci turned out in an old, dark — cold — gymnasium on the Boulevard Malesherbes.

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Tisci's presentation featured flocked velvet dresses cut with chiffon and ruffles, burgundy velvet stovepipe pants, coats cut with a multitude of sprinkled sparkles, and tight-cinched waists on everything. The overall collection showcased amazing tailoring on top of extreme femininity because, really, is there anything Riccardo Tisci can't do? His showing this awards season, on the likes of Pike, Chastain, Julianne Moore and, not least, Jared Leto, showed the depth of his talent and imagination, and his fall collection added the exclamation points.

The trends of New York, Milan and now Paris — Moroccan flourishes, dark prints, velvet, slit skirts, boots with thick heels, divine coats and fur cut with colors — were all here and then some. But if you wanted dark, you got it with Givenchy's fall 2015 collection. The dimly lit gymnasium was loaded with vintage radios, motorcycle helmets, old TVs and neon signs — the perfect setting for a pastiche of velvet, chiffon, ruffles, heavenly-but-tough leathers, and fluffy fur on the models set out with slicked braids, nose rings and other facial piercings (we're hoping faux), facial jewels and bindis. Think Morocco meets India meets Marilyn Manson in a dark alley. Scary? Sure. But scary-dark-beautiful.

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Tisci's through line always includes Goth (where Hedi Slimane only begins) and this collection had plenty. From the hair and makeup to the use of velvet, even the evening clothes were dark and sultry, as well as seductive and tailored — the Tisci hallmark.

While it might have seemed like a rather tough, rough collection from the sound of the show's drumbeat score (with Middle Eastern mystical melody refrain) and the aggressive makeup and piercings (that natural makeup trend? Ha!), the actual pieces had plenty of femme and frill and one could deconstruct and wear them in any which way one wanted. That is, if one is lucky enough to acquire any of them. Start your preorders now. Maintenant.