Kim Kardashian Lightens Up Wearing a Platinum Blonde Wig (Poll)


Just yesterday, the reality TV star was tweeting about going lighter with her hair color. Now she's wearing a blonde wig. Trying the color on, perhaps?

Seems like celebrity fashion, hair and makeup trends always come in threes.

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And here's a perfect example. First, actress Vanessa Hudgens went blonde (thanks to a wig, we hear) for her film, Spring Breakers. Then Grammy-winning music star Rihanna co-opted the golden hue for her new retro '80s look, tweeted out a photo the week before the 2012 Grammy Awards, and showed it off in-person on the Grammy red carpet. 

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Now Kim Kardashian has been spotted sporting a platinum blonde wig with bangs. 

The reality star had been tweeting this week about wanting to go lighter with her hair color, even showing off some photos of her with lighter blonde highlights. But then she turned up doing some shopping wearing the wig and posted an Instagram of her new hue on her blog.

So, what do you think of Kim as a blonde? 

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