Kim Kardashian Goes Makeup-Free For 'Vogue España'

Kim Kardashian Cannes Lions 2015

No contouring here!

Kim Kardashian may be single-handedly responsible for the current extreme contouring craze, but even she can step out of her comfort zone once in a while, as she proves with her latest glossy magazine cover.

Indeed, Kanye West’s love was photographed by Theo Wenner for Vogue España without a single stitch of makeup. And though none of the shots from inside the magazine have been revealed yet, apparently, as Kardashian captioned her Instagram of the cover, the team did the entire photo shoot without makeup.

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The super natural cover features the reality star in a beige sweater that might look plain jane if not for the image’s single statement accessory: her gigantic engagement ring, which she uses to cover approximately half her face. Because honestly, who needs makeup when there’s such serious bling at work? With such beautiful results perhaps Kardashian will rethink the need for all that crazy contouring.