Kim Kardashian, Maria Bello Explain Recent Trip to Haiti

Kim Kardashian Maria Bello - H 2011
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Kim Kardashian Maria Bello - H 2011

The reality star and Prime Suspect actress traveled to the Caribbean nation last week along with Kris Jenner, Patricia Arquette and others.

Kim Kardashian and Maria Bello might seem an odd pairing, but the reality star and Prime Suspect actress took a trip to Haiti together last week.

On Tuesday, they explained the reason behind their journey -- and how they joined up in the first place.

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"Who knew a woman who runs around on TV with a gun and another who runs around in heels would have so much in common?" the duo blogged on Huffington Post. "We were brought together through a bizarre turn of events, and we discovered our mutual goal of empowering women using our own unique voices."

The pair traveled with Kardashian's mom, Kris Jenner, and others including Patricia Arquette; Farouk Shami, who runs the hair-care and spa products company Farouk Systems; and Michael Stars clothing line co-founder Suzanne Lerner.

Bello already has done philanthropic work in the Caribbean nation through We Advance, the organization she co-founded after the 2010 earthquake "as a direct response to the increase in gender-based violence and poor health care for women in the poorest areas of the country."

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For their recent trip, Bello and company's aim was to meet with various groups that are working in the "most desperate situations and communities in Haiti," including Artists for Peace and Justice, Femmes en Democratie and Give Love, and to celebrate a group of women at a trade fair and fashion show who have worked to improve life for Haitians.

Among the women they honored were women's rights activist Danielle St. Lot, who founded Femmes en Democratie; entrepreneur Claudia Apaid, who founded the charity group Sow a Seed to give better care to children; We Advance co-founder Barbara Guillaume; former makeup exec and Haiti native Caroline Sada, who left her job to help rebuild the country; and Haiti First Lady Sophia Mortelly, who is launching a "12 by 12" initiative next month to help single mothers provide food and education for their children.

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"We came to celebrate the thousands of Haitian women who are working tirelessly every day to bring economic and social justice to all people in Haiti," Kardashian and Bello blogged. "So to them we say: We are humbled and moved to have been with you and to tell the world about your grace. We are proud to tell the world your stories."