Kim Kardashian May Get Her Own Glossy Magazine: Tabloids Tremble (Poll)

The Reality Moguls
Kwaku Alston

Kim Kardashian and Kris Jenner

Kardashian says of her family's reality series longevity, "These shows could go on for years. There are so many of us, but I think we'll see more of my younger siblings."

Jenner credits the family's success to hard work and sticking together, "We roll as one big unit, so whether something's sad, happy or tragic, we come together as a family and everything falls into place."

News of a possible Kardashian-centric glossy magazine hits the web, expanding the family's business ventures.

As if it isn't enough that the entire Kardashian family is in every celebrity magazine, headlines all the news, celebrity and entertainment websites, andpractically rules Twitter.

No, it's not enough.

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Now comes word via the New York Post that the K-Klan is  shopping around an idea for their own glossy magazine and is approaching American Media Inc, those wonderful folks who brought us the National Enquirer and Star.

The end product of this collaboration is rumored to be a new glossy mag that will feature all things Kardashian. No word on whether it would be a monthly, a weekly or (please God) maybe an annual magazine. Either way, look out, Oprah.

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However, this news sounds a bit odd, considering that the Kardashians are currrently suing Star magazine for libel about the child labor sweatshop business.

If there is a Kardashian magazine, we forsee articles about Kardashian cooking, dressing, fashion tips, beauty and hair (hair removal) advice, exercise, home decor, plastic surgery scoops, dream vacations. Or the mag could be more of a fan publication, glorifying the Kardashians with lots of retouched photos.

The coolest thing a glossy magazine will do for the Kardashians? It will enable them to publicize the fam's money-making ventures without having to suck up to other publications and answer annoying questions about really short marriages.

Can a Kardashian TV network be far behind?

Kim Kardashian's PMK-BNC publicist had no comment.