Kim Kardashian's 'Pope is Dope' Tweet Sparks Outrage in Argentina

Pope Visits Congress - H 2015
AP Photo/Alessandra Tarantino

It's a case of lost in translation as the reality TV star's quip is misinterpreted by a news site in the pope's home country.

It's a rare news story that brings together one of reality TV's biggest star and the holy pontiff. But Kim Kardashian has become part of the story of Pope Francis' historic visit to the United States, at least in the Pope's home nation of Argentina, where some have misinterpreted a comment Kardashian tweeted as being anti-papal.

The incident began with a harmless, and positive, tweet from Kardashian — saying simply: The Pope is Dope.

It was hardly incendiary, or even that original. The #popeisdope hashtag had been trending on Twitter throughout the pontiff's visit. Some 16,000 people retweeted Kardashian's post.

But a reporter for Argentine website Primicias Ya , evidently not understanding the slang, mistranslated the tweet as "The Pope is Drugs," noting "it cannot be interpreted as positive."

"Did Kim Kardashian attack the pope?" screamed the headline on Primicias Ya. The article, which is not bylined, goes on to defend Francis, listing his benevolent acts, and calling the Argentine native "our pope." It also takes a swipe at Kardashian, reminding readers that she once featured in a sex tape.

Primicias Ya's readers, however, were hip to Kardashian's use of dope, so to speak. "Here in America, Dope is when something is good, extraordinary," wrote one. "Inform yourselves before posting nonsense."