Kim Kardashian on Privacy, the Possibility of Pregnancy Before 35: "I Want My Body to Myself"


Allure cover girl Kardashian complements a provocative photo spread with candid talk about babies, bodies, and marriage - both past and future.

Is Kim Kardashian all washed up? From the looks of her latest photo shoot, it sure seems like it.

In the new edition of Allure, Kim, 31, poses in a wet T-shirt and pair of bikini bottoms, lying seductively on the sand with a rope wrapped around her. Fishing gear and her hand are all that cover the naughty bits. But her wet shirt doesn’t leave very much to the imagination.

In behind-the-scenes shots on the website, you can see Kim being sprayed with water as she prepares for the shoot.

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In the accompanying interview, Kim opened up about her life and whether or not she'll have children. “Do I want kids of my own? Absolutely. But I don't know if that's what's meant for me. Maybe I'll just work, work, work, and not think about it.”

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The celebrity also wants to keep her money-making body in shape for a a few years. "I think I have a couple more years when I just want my body to myself. At 35, I promise I'll consider it." She also admits that she wishes she hadn’t had such a public wedding with Kris Humphries: "It definitely made me want to be more private with my relationship, whenever I choose to get into one again. I'm not ready, but when that time comes, I'll be more cautious about who I let my world open up to."


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