Kim Kardashian Reveals Summer Wedding Plans

Jimmy Kimmel Live Kim Kardashian - H 2014
ABC/Randy Holmes

Jimmy Kimmel Live Kim Kardashian - H 2014

The reality star also announced that she will take Kanye West's surname during an appearance on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!"

It has been three months since Kim Kardashian said yes to Kanye West's extravagant wedding proposal last October at San Francisco's AT&T Park, and now she has revealed where they will tie the knot.

During Thursday's appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, the reality star discussed their plans for their upcoming nuptials. Given the couple's recent visit to Paris and their tour of the Palace of Versailles, Kardashian explained how they haven't finalized any plans yet.

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"He and I had never been there, so we just wanted a tour. And of course everyone thought we were picking that as our wedding place," Kardashian told host Jimmy Kimmel. "We were just taking a tour. But we will be getting married this summer, hopefully in Paris."

She added: "When I said 'hopefully,' I didn't mean like 'hopefully getting married.' I meant 'hopefully just this summer.' "

While the pair will likely wed in the French capital, she's staying quiet about the specifics. "I'm not telling you where or the date, but I think it's kind of obvious that it's in Paris," said the E! reality star.

Kardashian also revealed she will take her husband-to-be's surname after the wedding. She said: "I'll probably be Kim Kardashian, move that to my middle name, West."

Kimmel then jokingly asked whether her show's name, Keeping Up With the Kardashians, will change its name: "Will they have to change the name of the television show, 'Keeping Up With the West and Kardashians'?"

"No," Kardashian responded. And for once, we'd have to agree.