Cannes Lions: Kim Kardashian Talks Social Media Obsession, Curation

Kim Kardashian Handbag Launch Australia - P 2011
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Kim Kardashian Handbag Launch Australia - P 2011

She also discusses pushing Instagram's CEO to allow editing on posts and how a woman tried to get into her Cannes room using a credit card.

Kim Kardashian West does Instagram her way, and that means no paid promotions and admittedly too many bikini shots.

"But it's what I want and what I put out," Kardashian said of how she curates her photo stream. She was speaking in front of an intimate audience Wednesday at the Cannes International Festival of Creativity.

This was Kardashian's first time at the annual creative gathering in the south of France, and she spoke about her autobiographical mobile game, social media habits and how to cultivate a brand.

Kardashian's talk came on the same day her mobile game scored a sponsorship deal with Karl Lagerfeld, which her gaming partner GetGlue announced. But she was openly pitching more fashion and beauty brands to get in on the action.

The game, Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, was a surprise hit last year, and now has a million daily players with tie-ins to her reality show and real life. The game is an obsession for some, and Kardashian envisions more chances for brands to promote to girl gamers, for whom Kardashian is now an unlikely role model and a rare feminist voice in the male-dominated genre.

The game, which simulates rising through the ranks of stardom, keeps pushing out updates, and soon her glam team will make a virtual appearance, opening new branding potential, Kardashian said.

"It helps with great opportunities for brands, hair care lines or makeup lines, that want some involvement, because that's something the player really enjoys learning about," she said.

Kardashian also talked about her social media obsession, and admitted occasionally reaching out to Twitter or Instagram to offer advice. She even pushed Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom to allow editing on posts, because she kept making typos. "I'm not saying it's because of me, but it happened," she said, recalling the app change that eventually rolled out.

Kardashian also said that these days, "I'm really into Twitter," talking about her evolving tastes. She used to just repurpose Instagram photos for Twitter, but the micro-messaging company approached her with a lesson in best practices. Twitter told her, "people don't really click on your links as much" as they do photos taken directly in Twitter.

She said her Instagram feed is off limits, a no promo zone. If she does take photos with a product it's not because she gets paid, she said. "I know a lot of my brands might get frustrated that I don't promote maybe as much as they would like, but I only do it if it's authentic," she said.

Kardashian opened her talk with a personal experience at Cannes. She was awoken in the middle of the night by a naked woman trying to get into her room using a credit card as a key. It seemed to be an honest if not drunken mistake — and yes, Kardashian got it on video, but said she would not be posting that one to Twitter.