Kim Kardashian Tweets a Sexy Lingerie Photo On Christmas Eve

Kim Kardashian, Twitter

UPDATED: The 'Kourtney and Kim Take New York' star looks eerily camera-ready in her black lace bra and pink satin pajama top.

Ever wonder what Kim Kardashian wears to bed on Christmas Eve? 

The reality TV star would like her followers to believe that she looks Playboy camera ready before she turns in. 

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The 31-year-old celebrity posted this sexy snap on her Twitter page in the early hours on Christmas morning. She accompanied the racy picture -- in the form of a mirror image -- with the caption 'silk jammies....ready for bed!'

Amazingly, the newly single star's hair is perfectly coiffed in a sensual tousled style and her face -- with pouty pink parted lips -- is in full make-up as she poses against a white background.

Somehow we don't really believe that this is how Kim really looks when she's ready for bed. But hey, it's a Kardashian World. We just live in it. And maybe she really does look like this when she retires for the evening. Or perhaps she's picked up Photoshop in her spare time.

Last night she also told her followers: 'I hope all of your holiday wishes come true & santa fills your heart & tree w every goodie u can imagine! Don't forget 2leave cookies & milk.'