Kim Kardashian Would Rather Drink a Sardine Smoothie Than Confirm Sisters' Pregnancies

Kim Kardashian Smoothie - Publicity - H 2017
Youtube/The Late Late Show with James Corden

The status of Kylie's and Khloe's alleged pregnancies remains a mystery.

Kim Kardashian might have accidentally spilled the gender of her and Kanye West's third child this week, but when it comes to talking about her sisters and their alleged pregnancies, Kardashian was a true soldier. The reality star was the latest victim of James Corden's "Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts" game on Wednesday night's (Nov. 15) The Late Late Show, sitting down to a table full of cow's tongue, 1,000 year-old eggs and scorpions across from the clearly delighted host.

Wearing a glittery silver minidress, Kim faced a disgusting glass of bird saliva as Corden dared her to rank the Kardashian clan from best to worst dressed. With little hesitation, she rattled off the list, from Kendall down to Khloe, apologizing to the latter for putting her at the bottom of the fashion ladder. Corden, however, would rather eat a scorpion than reveal who the worst guest ever was. "I know exactly who it is," said Corden, chomping into the crunchy creature. "There's no way on earth I'm saying it."

The next question, about Kanye's most annoying habits, was no problem, with Kim avoiding eating the "small" bull penis by once again calling out her hubby for constantly falling asleep during meetings and dinners. But, when it came to revealing whether her sisters are expecting, Kim opted to chug a "f------ disgusting" sardine smoothie rather than rat out Kylie and Khloe's pregnancy status.

Watch the clip below:

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