Kim Kardashian's 16-Carat Diamond Engagement Ring Might Depreciate by Half

Mark Thompson/Getty Images

Kris Humphries paid $2 million for the bling, even though it is actually worth about $3 million, but a jewelry appraiser says "they will be lucky to get a million" if they try to sell it.

Kim Kardashian doesn't seem to have lost anything with her 72-day marriage -- which is longer than most pundits gave it.

In fact, she only seems to have gained. But when it comes to her 16-carat diamond ring, she's probably going to take a bath. 

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Andrew Streyer, a jewelry appraiser and gemologist, who deals jewelry for the website, says the 16-carat ring is probably actually worth around $3 million, even though Humphries only paid $2 million.

"He might have gotten a deal because of whom he was marrying," says Streyer. "But the diamond market and the economy being what they are right now, they will be lucky to get a million for the ring. And who gets the money is anybody’s guess.”

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Traditionally, in divorces, women get the ring, contending it's a "gift," but after a very short marriage, it would rightly revert back to the man, as it was his money used to purchased it.

Either way, somebody's going to lose a million dollars.


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