Kim Kardashian's Beauty Rest Disturbed by "Drunk Naked Woman"

AP Images
Kim Kardashian

What a "slob kabob!"

Kim Kardashian is a busy, busy lady. So when her precious beauty sleep was interrupted by an inebriated hotel guest during her stay in Cannes, the pregnant momma released her anger in the best way she knows how — through social media. 

"Thanks to the drunk naked woman banging on my door I have been up since 4 am!" she tweeted Tuesday morning. "I'm so sleepy now but have to work! It's gonna be a long day."

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Apparently, the intoxicated deviant mistook Kardashian's room for her own and tried using an Amex card as a room key. Not cool. 

Kardashian also took a video of the "slob kabob" as a "reminder of why I never tolerated drinking 2 much!" Unfortunately we may never get to see said video as Kardashian is above exploitation and public humiliation. But she wants us to know, "it's funny!"