Kim Kardashian's Unborn Child Begins His Man Jewelry Collection Early

AP Images
Kim Kardashian and Her Unborn Son


When your father is a creative genius and the self-proclaimed Michaelangelo of the fashion industry, a kid can start to feel the pressure to be lookin' 100 at all times. 

But thankfully, mama Kim Kardashian is already watching out for her unborn son, who is due in December, and prepping for his arrival with (what else) a diamond-encrusted gold chain — "to match daddy's!"

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Kardashian Instagrammed a side-by-side photo of the gold chains, a gift of family friends, with the caption, "#LikeFatherLikeSon Thank you so much @lorenridinger @jrridinger @amberridinger @duanemclaughlin for the chain to match daddy's!" Because it's never too early to get started on building up that man jewelry collection, right? Just ask Johnny Depp

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