Kim and Kourtney Kardashian Launch Sexy Fashion Line in London, Praise Kate Middleton's Wardrobe Recycling

Kim Kardashian Kourtney Kardashian Kollection UK Split - P 2012
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Kim Kardashian Kourtney Kardashian Kollection UK Split - P 2012

Showing off her backless dress design skills, Kim Kardashian tells the British press that she thinks Kate Middleton is "very stylish" and applauds her fashion recycling

Kim and Kourtney Kardashian celebrated the launch of their Kardashian Kollection -- now available across England at the British boutique chain Dorothy Perkins --  at a club called Aqua in London last night (Nov. 8)

A swarm of of shapely pony-tailed brunette Kardashian clones — a.k.a., KimBots -- modeling short, snug, sexy dresses of different fabrics and colors marched up the street and into the venue.

??Inside was the Dorothy Perkins head Sir Philip Green and Bruno Schiavi, who is producing the line.

Both ladies wore their own black designs but Kim’s bum-hugging frock had a little work done on it.

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“She had it changed to be backless,” explained Kourtney to The Daily Mail. “When she was trying it on, it was unzipped at the back and she liked the look so we had it sewn into a backless version.” 

There are 100 pieces in the Kardashian London collection, including handbags, and prices range from $19 to $120. Kardashian Kollection shoes and jewelry will be launching in 2013.??

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If British girls are in the mood for sexy party frocks, they can try on Kim Kardashian's favorite piece, a key-hole neckline skin tight leopard print dress. Kourtney’s fave is a gold sequined dress with sleeves

Before the party, the Kardashian sisters popped into ITV London studios for a chat with Kate Garraway on The Lorraine Show on Daybreak.

Kim revealed that she is a big Kate Middleton fan and applauds her penchant for rewearing her outfits to public events.

 "I think Kate is very stylish and it's ridiculous to assume you would wear something once and never wear it again,” said Kim. Kourtney added her insights: " You can wear things to different occasions around different people." 

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Trying to establish a sympathetic connection with the reality stars, the interviewer compared the Duchess's recent privacy invasion (nude and topless photos taken with a telephoto lens on a private  holiday) to the Kardashians' decision to live their entire lives on camera.

Kim clarified: 'We don't have the cameras all the time. We take holidays and you want that to be private, so we do struggle with the boundaries of whether to have the cameras around.”

This prompted Kourtney to rise to the defense of screening the graphic video of her daughter Penelope Scotland’s birth. “I did give birth on camera, but it actually was our own home video.  I didn't have cameramen and lighting guys in the room with me."

OK, but our question is: Did they have hair and makeup on hand?