Kimmel, Screen Gems plan an urban 'Funeral'


Sidney Kimmel Entertainment and Sony's Screen Gems are partnering with Chris Rock for an urban reworking of the 2007 British comedy "Death at a Funeral."

Rock will produce, star and co-write the script with Aeysha Carr.

The project is inspired by SKE's 2007 feature, which was written by Dean Craig and directed by Frank Oz. That film was made for about $9 million and released by MGM in the U.S., grossing $8.5 million stateside and $46.5 million worldwide.

Sidney Kimmel, Share Stallings and Laurence Malkin are returning to produce the new version.

William Horberg, who served as executive producer for the 2007 version, also is on board to produce under the terms of the first-look arrangement he struck with SKE when he left the company as its production chief.

The ensemble comedy will take place in an urban American setting and centers on a funeral ceremony that devolves into a debacle of misplaced cadavers, indecent exposure and family secrets. The cast will be primarily black, supplanting the England-set version's British cast.

The producers are looking for a director for the project, which will start production in the spring.

Rock is repped by ICM and attorney Stephen Barnes. Carr is repped by Paradigm. (partialdiff)
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