Jimmy Kimmel's Sidekick Guillermo Rodriguez Auditions to Be Gwen Stefani's Backup Dancer

Randy Holmes/ABC

The ABC late-night personality danced "like no one is watching" and helped the singer spell "bananas" during "Hollaback Girl" at her Las Vegas residency.

Guillermo Rodriguez thought he had what it took to be a backup dancer for Gwen Stefani.

During Monday's episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live!, the host's sidekick auditioned to be one of Stefani's backup dancers for her Las Vegas residency at the Zappos Theater.

The prerecorded clip opened with Rodriguez entering the dance studio to audition. Stefani and two others sat at a table, while dancers stretched and prepared to audition. "I think you should go home, bro," Rodriguez told a fellow dancer as he made his way to Stefani. "I got this."

After he approached the singer, he announced that he was not going to audition because he's a "legend." He handed Stefani his résumé and a banana before he took off his sweater and revealed a gold undershirt that had Stefani's song title "Rich Girl" written across it.

"He definitely has a different look from anyone in our show and that's a good thing," Stefani said in a private interview before the segment cut to Rodriguez's audition.

While the other dancers moved in unison, Rodriguez struggled to keep up. The singer stopped the dance to ask what he was doing and he responded, "I'm dancing like no one is watching."

Following the audition, Stefani announced that Rodriguez was the only dancer not cast in the show. "Before I leave, I want to tell you something. I might not be a great dancer, but I have a big heart, a big belly, a big butt and I think you guys are making a big mistake," he said. Stefani eventually changed her mind and told Rodriguez that he had made the dance team.

The clip then cut to the performers during the concert. As Stefani and the dancers performed her hit "Hollaback Girl," Rodriguez prepared for his performance backstage by stretching and praying.

Rodriguez made his stage debut dressed as a banana while Stefani continued to sing "Hollaback Girl." The two spelled out the word "bananas" as Rodriguez waved to the audience, blew kisses and danced.

"That went real bad," he said in a private interview following the performance. "I think Gwen Stefani's mad at me, but I tried my best."

The segment cut back to the conclusion of the performance. After Stefani gave Rodriguez a shout-out, she pushed him off stage.

Stefani later reflected on the performance during a private interview. "Do I regret hiring Guillermo? Absolutely," she said.

Watch the full segment below.