'Kings' creator inks Uni deal

Seven-figure pact keeps Michael Green running series

Michael Green, creator/executive producer of NBC's midseason drama "Kings," has inked a new two-year overall deal with series producer Universal Media Studios.

Under the pact, said to be in the premium seven-figure range, Green will continue to run "Kings," which is set in a fictional monarchy and centers on David (Christopher Egan), an idealistic soldier who joins the court of King Silas (Ian McShane).

"There is no more important new show to the network and the studio than that," UMS president Katherine Pope said.

"Kings" marks the first series by Green, who landed his first writing job at 25 on the first year of HBO's "Sex and the City."

Green, who also writes DC comic books, then segued to drama and worked on the WB's family drama "Everwood" as well as on two comics-inspired series, the WB's "Smallville" and NBC/UMS' "Heroes," which he left this year to launch "Kings."

"He is like the Rosetta Stone of writers," Pope said. "He's one of those guys who is incredibly versatile and shines at whatever genre he does."

While at NBC two years ago, Pope and the network's drama head, Katie O'Connell, challenged Green to bring them his craziest idea.

He came back with "Kings," a high-concept soap based on the biblical story of King David.

After being nixed by NBC's former entertainment president Kevin Reilly, the script was greenlighted last summer by new exec vp Teri Weinberg, who called Green "an extremely gifted writer and creator with brilliant imagination," and co-chairman Ben Silverman.

"They've treated me shockingly well," Green said of NBC and UMS.

Save for the bumpy start, things couldn't have gone better for "Kings": Green landed the actor he'd written the role of Silas for, McShane; A-list feature director Francis Lawrence signed on to direct the first four hours and exec produce the series with Green and Erwin Stoff; and Green got to make the show in his native New York and lined up such high-profile recurring guest stars as Brian Cox and Macaulay Culkin.

And while it was written two years ago, "Kings' " theme of an old regime being challenged by new blood, of one leader falling and another rising, resonates with this year's presidential election.

"I wanted to tell a story about a world where people are hopeful and believe in their governors even though they are flawed," Green said.

Repped by Endeavor and attorney Patti Felker, Green recently co-wrote "The Green Lantern" for Warner Bros./DC Comics.