'The King's Speech' Gets Big Oscar Box-Office Bump

The King's Speech - Screen Grab - 2010
Courtesy of The Weinstein Company

The Weinstein Co. pic starring Colin Firth saw revenue surge 66% by end of day Tuesday after scoring 12 Academy Award noms.

Oscar nominations resulted in an immediate box-office boost on Tuesday, led by frontrunner The King’s Speech, which saw revenue surge 66% by the end of the day.

The King’s Speech received 12 noms, the most of any film. The Weinstein Co. release grossed $1.1 million on Tuesday at the domestic box office, compared to $635,465 on Monday. Film’s domestic cume is $59 million. Separately, Internet ticket vendor Fandago reported Wednesday that tickets sales for The King’s Speech were up 76%. 
“We’re extremely excited to see the nominations translate into additional box office success. People are connecting with the story and the ensemble cast,” the Weinstein Co.’s David Glasser said.
Paramount’s True Grit, which received 10 nominations, was up 41% on Tuesday, grossing $766,901 for a domestic cume of $139.3 million.
Ordinarily, a day-over-day gain of 20% would be considered solid.
Paramount and Relativity Media’s The Fighter, picking up seven Oscar nominations, was up nearly 46%, grossing $466,178 for a cume of $73.5 million.
Black Swan was up more than 37% after nabbing five nominations. Pic’s cume is $84.4 million.
The Oscar bump should last well into the weekend.