Kirk Cameron Knocks Gay Marriage Again in New Religious Infomercial

Kirk Cameron - P 2008

The "Growing Pains" star is going on tour with his message of love and vigilance against those that might want to expand marriage rights.

Kirk Cameron: still no fan of gay marriage.

The former Growing Pains star and evangelical Christian advocate features in a new video in which he once again serves to warn Americans about the danger of same-sex unions, making sure to note that he ranks edicts from God higher than those from Oprah Winfrey.

"If we want a great future in this world, we have to take God at his word and God makes it really clear that society and civilization is held together by the glue of families," Cameron says. "This is where the next generation of human beings are incubated and nurtured and matured -- in homes. In families. We want that to be a place of health and happiness, a place of joy and forgiveness. it needs to be a home filled with faith. And in order to have that kind of a home, marriages need to be strong... And so when a man and a woman come together and they say I do, they are committing for a life time to come together."

As it turns out, this isn't just a public service announcement; Cameron, who is introduced in the clip by a Growing Pains fanboy, is turning the relationship advice used in his religious film Fireproof into a traveling seminar, where he preaches the equivalency between God's design of the universe and marriage.

It's all part of Cameron's partnership with the National Organization for Marriage's spinoff group Marriage Anti-Defamation League, which is active in protecting marriage from being verbally smeared. Cameron himself hadn't come to marriage's defense since March, when he called same-sex weddings "unnatural" and "destructive" and, similarly, called Piers Morgan dishonest for his edit of their interview on CNN.