Kirsten Dunst, Chloe Sevigny Defend Lars von Trier

Lars von Trier - H 2014
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Lars von Trier - H 2014

The controversial director recently admitted to being drunk or high most of his career, but these two actresses say they'd work with him again

This story first appeared in the Jan. 9 issue of The Hollywood Reporter magazine.

Controversial filmmaker Lars von Trier, who recently admitted to being drunk or high most of his career, is worried he'll only make "shitty" films now that he's sober -- but THR found two actresses who are ready to test that theory. At the Coach Backstage event in Beverly Hills on Dec. 11, Melancholia star Kirsten Dunst and Dogville's Chloe Sevigny confirmed their desire to collaborate again with von Trier.

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"For the right role, I would definitely work with him," said Dunst, who was sitting next to the filmmaker in Cannes when he delivered controversial comments about Hitler in 2011. Explained Sevigny: "He's a provocateur, a comedian. People always take his work too seriously."

Added the supportive actress: "I don't remember him ever being drunk. He may have had a couple of Schnapps at lunch, but he was very proficient as a filmmaker."