Kirsten Dunst Likes to Order In Taco Bell, Too

Kirsten Dunst C Mag Cover - P 2016
Courtesy of C Magazine

The 'Midnight Special' star opens up about 'The Bachelor,' Disney Channel and her retirement plans (there are bunnies involved) for 'C Magazine's' fashion issue.

When she's not busy filming indie movies like the upcoming Midnight Special or hanging out with the coolest sisters in fashion — Rodarte's Kate and Laura Mulleavy — Kirsten Dunst is just like the rest of us. 

"I'm a homebody," she tells C Magazine for her cover feature in the spring fashion issue. "I only go to the same two places," she added, listing the tennis courts and her best friend's pad as her usual hangouts. As for where she spends the rest of her time? The Fargo star admits that she's usually plopped squarely in front of The Bachelor, Postmates-delivered Taco Bell in hand. 

The 33-year-old also remarked that after a long work day, sometimes there's nothing like a good Disney Channel sitcom to help you zone out and unwind. “We watched the one with Zendaya and maybe there was a talking dog one,” she said of her routine after filming the Mulleavy sisters' emotionally draining thriller, Woodshock

While some actresses are in it for the glamour, it's clear Dunst — who has been acting since age four — is all about her craft rather than the glitzy Hollywood perks. And even after she's retired, she'll continue to live her laid-back life. “One day, when I’m old, I’m going to live with my girlfriends. We’ll have a wacky house with lots of animals — bunnies, kitties, I don’t know. Maybe in L.A., or I like Montecito.”

Disney Channel? Taco Bell? Old lady communes in Montecito with bunnies and kitties? If those aren't celebrity goals, then we don't know what celebrity goals are.