Kirstie Alley Criticizes Journalist's "Bigoted" Views of Scientology

Kirstie Alley - Getty - H 2016
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The actress called out Huffington Post contributor Yashar Ali on Twitter Saturday evening.

Kirstie Alley took to Twitter on Saturday to critique journalist Yashar Ali after he charged that she had treated two Hollywood professionals accused of sexual misconduct — one a current Scientologist and the other a lapsed Scientologist — differently due to their faith.

On Saturday, Ali tweeted that the Church of Scientology was "enjoying" sexual-assault allegations against lapsed Scientologist Paul Haggis. In December, Haggis sued a publicist for allegedly attempting to extort money by claiming he had raped her. On Friday, three other women came forward in a story in the Associated Press to accuse him of sexual misconduct.

In the same thread, Ali tweeted two screenshots of tweets from Kirstie Alley, a practicing Scientologist, calling her a "hypocrite." In the first screenshot Alley, responding to allegations of sexual misconduct against practicing Scientologist and actor Danny Masterson, writes, "I'm an advocate of courts of law 4 criminal matters. Also innocent until proven guilty is a fairly sane concept that I'm pretty sure each of us would like to be afforded." In the second screenshot, Alley wrote of allegations against Haggis "Another one bites the dust.. karma is a bitch."

Haggis has been outspoken against Scientology since October 2009, when he left the organization. He appeared in the 2015 documentary Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief and has appeared in multiple interviews denouncing the church.

"Like all Scientologists, Kirstie is a hypocrite," Ali wrote.

Later on Saturday, Alley embedded Ali's statement, writing, "Man you really hate this religion.. what religion are you Sir? Just curious if you write bigoted shit about all religions or just this one? I think it's YOU who is really enjoying this downfall as it gives you another opportunity to be hateful. Go on with your hateful self."

Ali responded to Alley's reply by questioning her on her religion. "Why aren't Scientologists allowed to go to law enforcement to report other Scientologists?" he asked. "Which religion do you know that sets up hate websites against its critics?"

Ali added: "Also @kirstiealley I’m the one that exposed the misogynistic and inappropriate emails that your former agent Sam Haskell sent while he was CEO of Miss America. Why did you defend him after you saw the emails?"

In December, Ali broke the story that former Miss America Organization CEO Sam Haskell had sent derogatory emails about former competition contestants. One day later, Alley tweeted, "I've know @samhaskell for 20 + years. He's one of the kindest most decent ethical men I've known." Haskell resigned from his post the same day.

Alley did not reply to Ali's latest response, though she did block an author who defended his remarks on Twitter.

Read the full tweet thread below.