Kirstie Alley Gets a Tattoo After Falling on 'Dancing With the Stars'


After being dropped by Maks Chmerkovskiy, she inks "unbroken" on her wrist.

Kirstie Alley got a tattoo after falling on Dancing With the Stars Monday night.

"Party girl? not so much tonight...BUT I did get a tattoo and I love it....and I had the end this turned into a magical night…xoxo," she wrote on Twitter -- a few hours after she fell when Maks Chmerkovskiy experienced a “charley horse” live on air. They still received a 21 out of 30 for their Rumba.

Alley had "Unbroken" inked on her left wrist. See photos here.

She also continued to address the fall on Twitter Tuesday.

"woke up to all of your supportive tweets..humbled..It's good to know that u are in this game with us come RAIN or come SHINE....thank u," she wrote.

Defending Chmerkovskiy, she said, "Maks is too humble.. we all know it takes TWO to Tango..on our feet or on our takes TWO ..I will do better from now on…xoxo."

Chmerkovskiy apologized on Monday after the show.

"To all the fans...I'm sorry! It will never happen again and I will never 'fall'! To @kirstiealley You were..FLAWLESS! In more ways than one!" he Tweeted.