Kismet Chefs: "You Just Have to Decide You're Going to Do Something, Then Make it Happen" | THR Eats

"All of our food really is designed to be shared," Kismet chef Sara Kramer told THR. Kramer partners with Chef Sarah Hymanson to run the Los Angeles-based eatery.

"Our business is certainly a product of the two us," says Chef Sarah Hymanson of her partnership with Chef Sara Kramer and Los Angeles-based restaurant, Kismet. "We really had to come together."

The two chefs were both working at a restaurant in Brooklyn and decided to leave at the same time to start something of their own. "It felt very natural," Hymanson recalls.

Kismet prides itself on being a source for sustainable food and offers dishes such as broccoli toast and its signature flaky bread, which the chefs served to The Hollywood Reporter.

"I love cooking with Sara because she constantly challenges me and affirms," says Hymanson. "I think that's a very important part of a relationship. Kramer feels the same way about working with Hymanson. "It's a really powerful and symbiotic partnership."