'The Kissing Booth 2' Trailer: Joey King Faces New Set of Boy Problems

Courtesy of Netflix

Joey King and Jacob Elordi reprise their roles from the first film as the couple's relationship is challenged by distance.

In The Kissing Booth 2, it's more choices, more problems for Joey King's Elle Evans.

The trailer for the Netflix sequel, which dropped Monday, picks up exactly where the first movie left off. After deciding to date her best friend Lee's older brother Noah (Jacob Elordi), Elle spends the summer with Noah until Harvard's fall semester brings their days together to a halt. With her boyfriend now on the East Coast, Elle must face senior year and college decisions without him. 

As luck would have it, high school sports star Marco (Taylor Zakhar Perez) and Harvard student Chloe (Maisie Richardson-Sellers) join the equation, complicating the couple's dynamic. 

"So many beautiful girls at Harvard, experienced girls," the popular girls tell Elle, who eventually finds pictures of Noah with Chloe. "With different zip codes, breakups are basically automatic."

Boys aside, Elle has more decisions to make as her time in high school comes to an end. 

"Lee and I have dreamed of going to Berkeley, ever since we found out that's where our moms became besties," she says.

Despite Lee (Joel Courtney) and Elle's plan to go attend the same college, Noah suggests his girlfriend join him at Harvard, inciting tension between the two childhood friends once again. 

The trailer features Lee and Elle recruiting Marco for their kissing booth, flashy images from a school talent show, Elle sharing a tender moment at the beach with the school jock and Noah and Marco meeting face to face.

"As soon as I start to figure out one thing, something or someone changes and makes me question everything," Elle says.

The film, written, directed and produced by Vince Marcello, starts streaming on Netflix on July 24. 

Watch the trailer below.