Kit Harington: "Curse" of 'Game of Thrones' Is "Lifetime of Having to Talk About It"

Game of Thrones Jon Snow 9 - H 2014
Helen Sloan/HBO

Jon Snow also reveals he's actually a happy fun-loving kind of guy despite his mournful face

Kit Harington loves Game of Thrones.

Indeed, the actor who plays Jon Snow says the HBO fantasy show is his "life." However, given the spectacular success and zeitgeist touching nature of the show, Harington sees the "curse of Thrones" as being that he'll spend a "lifetime of having to talk about it."

In an interview for the January edition of British GQ, previews of which were released Monday, Harington talks about the role that has made him a global star and how he is recognized almost everywhere he goes. "I'm more recognizable in public than much better-known actors," he says adding that his distinctive beard and hair, which he is contractually not allowed to cut, may have something to do with it as well as the huge audience figures. "So many people watch, and I go around looking like my character."

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Harington is also recognizable, no doubt, for having perfected Snow's conflicted trademark anguished expression. Indeed, given his hair, beard and pained visage, it's no surprise that Harington says he has "people coming up to me in the street and asking if I was OK," adding that he's actually a fun guy. "But this [face] is my default. I laugh, I make jokes, I just happen to reside in this face."

Thrones is Harington's first major role, winning the part of Snow straight after leaving acting school, and he touches in the interview on his rapid rise acknowledging how lucky he has been. "It would be foolish to say I wish I'd gone through a period of longing," he said. "Because any actors going through a period of longing themselves would tear my f***ing face off."

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His success on the small screen has inevitably led to film roles, with upcoming roles in Testament of Youth and Seventh Son. Harington though admits not everything has gone as swimmingly as he had hoped. "I won't name names and I won't name films, but I've sat through private screenings, nearly in tears. Hating it. Thinking: this is the end, everything's over."

The full Kit Harington interview is out in British GQ on Dec. 4.