'Kittredge' faces all-American battle against 'WALL-E,' 'Sex'


Kit Kittredge has her work cut out for herself.

Although the Picturehouse film's screen averages have been solid in limited release, "Kit Kittredge: An American Girl," starring Abigail Breslin, will butt heads this weekend with Disney/Pixar's animated feature "WALL-E," which enters its second weekend after topping the domestic boxoffice last session.

"WALL-E" looks likely to gross more than $30 million this weekend, whereas "Kit" probably will be limited to the single-digit millions and gross perhaps in the low-double digits between today and Sunday.

Among this weekend's other holdovers, there's an interesting situation involving Warner Bros.' "Sex and the City." Playing in 1,755 theaters in its 34th day of release, prospective patrons are being turned away at times because of continuing sellouts for certain showtimes in key markets.

"With an R-rated movie, you run through the small markets rather quickly," Warners exec vp distribution Jeff Goldstein said. "But we're holding on to all of our core theaters (in larger markets)."

Initially playing in 3,285 theaters, the chick- flick phenom has grossed about $141 million domestically. (partialdiff)